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AdPower Sonic
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特許を取得済みの車輌用アドパワーシリーズで培った静電気除去技術をもとに、オーディオ専用製品として開発されたのが『AdPower Sonic』です。

国立研究開発法人産業技術総合研究所における音源解析で、AdPower Sonicを貼り付けることで、IACCが増大する傾向があることがわかりました。







  Inter Aural Correlation Coefficient の略で、音の広がり(拡散度)を現す指標。


無響室、防音室、居室にてスピーカー(Genelec社製 8020C,YAMAHA社製 MS101III)を使用し、インパルス応答解析、音源解析を実施。無響室においてはAdPower Sonicを貼っても貼らなくても差異はなかったが、防音室・居室ににおいて、AdPower Sonicを貼ることでIACCが増大する傾向あることが確認された。音源についてはジャズやクラシック、自然音など5種類で実施したが、音源による差はなく、全てにおいてIACCの増大傾向が確認された。


AdPower Sonic is developed as a product exclusively for audio which is based on the static electricity elimination technology developed for the patented AdPower series for vehicles.

Sound source analysis conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) revealed that IACC tends to increase when AdPower Sonic is applied.

The sound image and localization are enhanced by the application of AdPower Sonic, and the sound reaching our ears is perceived as clearer.

The experience may vary depending on the model used and the individual. We do not necessarily guarantee the experience of sound change.

※The image is for reference only.



  Abbreviation for Inter Aural Correlation Coefficient, an indicator of sound spread (diffusivity).

Impulse response analysis and sound source analysis were conducted using speakers (Genelec 8020C, YAMAHA MS101III) in an anechoic room, soundproof room and living room. In an anechoic room, there was no difference whether AdPower Sonic was applied or not, but in soundproof rooms and living rooms, it was confirmed that IACC tended to increase when AdPower Sonic was applied. Five different sound sources were used, including jazz, classical and natural sounds, but there were no differences between these, and a trend towards increased IACC was confirmed in all of them.

Source: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Main equipment and instruments with proven effectiveness




Wind instrument


Experience may vary depending on the model used and the individual. The experience of sound change is not necessarily guaranteed.

Monitor speaker Bass reflex port

Monitor speaker Baffle baffle surface

Built-in power amplifier type Power amplifier

Compact Bluetooth speaker enclosure

Power amplifier Front panel and top panel

Analogue equipment Front panel and top panel

Microphone Enclosure case

Power breaker panel Plastic enclosure

Breaker lever

Record player enclosure

Record disc surface (stabilizer)

Arm (needle) top surface

Equipment front panel, top panel

Outlet panel, outlet plug

Drum shell

Drum rim

Drum mute

Bass drum Impact pads

Guitar and bass amplifier Amplifier section

Guitar and bass amps Speaker cabinets

PA Speakers

PA amplifiers and peripheral equipment










How to attach to speaker

The following is the recommended installation position for each speaker.


With bass reflex port

The maximum effect is achieved by attaching it to areas where there is air flow is, so the bass reflex port is the first recommended position for speakers. By attaching AdPower Sonic to the port, the air flow in the port is improved and the force restricting the movement of the unit (air resistance) is weakened, resulting in a high resolution sound change. Some speakers may have more than one port, but apply the AdPower Sonic evenly to all of them.


Without bass reflex port

For sealed speakers without a bass reflex port, affix to the surface where the speaker unit is installed which is the baffle surface. The recommended position depends on the speaker unit configuration and placement, so decide after temporarily attaching in various positions and check to the sound. In some cases, further effects may be expected by attaching to the baffle surface after already attaching to the bass reflex port.

About speaker box materials

The effect depends on the surface finish.  Resin-based speakers and boxes can be effective if they are made of wood but have resin-based panels or paints used for the surface finish. On the other hand, a wood speaker box with an oil stained finish and a bass reflex port made of wood may not be effective because it is not easily charged with static electricity. However, if the bass reflex port is made of resin, a great effect can be expected.

Recommended Product Size and Number of Installations

Recommended product size and number of installations vary with each speaker, but there is a recommended size based on the size of the woofer unit. If there are multiple woofers, multiply by the number of units.

(e.g.) 15-inch (380mm) double woofer will need two L-size woofers

Woofer Unit Size

Requires 1 S-size for 3-inch (75mm)

Requires 1 or 2 S-size for 5-inch (130mm)

Requires 4 S-size or 1 M-size for 7-inch (175mm)

Requires 1 or 2 M-size for 10-inch (250mm)

Requires 2 M-size or 1 L-size for 12-inch (300mm)

Requires 1 or 2 L-size for 15-inch (380mm)

We recommend applying a recommended number of sheets to the bass-reflex port and then to the baffle surface, too.Requires 1 or 2 S-size for 7 – 10-inch and try 1 or 2 M-size for 12 – 15-inch.


Applying position for the 8x8 size on the speaker

Place the product on the head of the unit mounting screw.Our experimental verification has shown that one sheet at the bottom of each unit is appropriate. Therefore applying on the head of all unit mounting screws is not necessary.However, this may vary depending on the speaker model and the size of the unit, so please listen to the sound and use the number of sheets you prefer.

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