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Review by Akimitsu Honma

- From a discussion with AdPower Sonic supervisor Koji Morimoto -

森元 浩二




Akimitsu Honma
Music producer/composer/arranger/keyboard and piano player/representative of Isolable Inc.
Has provided, arranged and produced music for numerous artists, including Porno Graffitti and Ikimono-gakari. Active in many fields, including appearing on TV Asahi’s ‘Kanjam Kanzen Nen Show’

Mr. Honma shared his positive experience with using ''AdPower Sonic''

Initially skeptical about the product’s effects, he was astonished by the significant improvement in sound quality after testing it in his own studio.
He particularly praised the clarity in the lower frequencies and the enhanced sense of speed in the sound. In music production monitoring, accuracy is crucial, and working with a clear, uncolored sound is important. He mentioned that using this product has enabled him to work in a better environment for music production.

He believes that while technical knowledge and understanding of theory are indispensable in music production, trusting one’s own ears and senses is even more important. The enhancement in sound quality facilitated by ”AdPower Sonic” has served to boost creativity and the capacity for expression within the music production workflow.
He appreciates this product not merely for its capacity to elevate music production standards but also as a tool for enriching the creator’s comprehension and experience of music.

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