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Back to its true sound without noise

 It all started by the encounter with an acoustic engineer.

AdPowerのユーザーでもあり、avexのチーフレコーディングエンジニアとして活躍する森元氏との出会いによって、この「AdPower Sonic」は誕生しました。


Back to its true and original pure sound

Back to its true and original pure sound

It all started by the encounter with an acoustic engineer.

The AdPower series is the product that improves airflow in car and motorbike engines. The AdPower Sonic is born as a result of the encounter with Mr. Morimoto, the AdPower user and the chief recording engineer for avex inc. Mr. Morimoto is originally a big fan of AdPower for cars.

The project has been started by contacting Mr. Morimoto to AdPower if it could be commercialized for acoustic use. The idea is from when he tried to attach AdPower for car to the bass-reflex port of a studio speaker, then he was very surprised by its change of sound quality.

Koji Morimoto

prime sound studio form chief engineer
Vice-Chairman, Japan Association of Recording Engineers
avex entertainment

Since 1985, I have been engaged in recording work in Japan and LA, and through this experience, I noticed the uniqueness of the “Japanese sound.” This sound feels weak in low frequencies and slow in overall speed. Even after working in various countries around the world, my impression has not changed.

In 2002, I established Prime Sound Studio, gathering all my know-how, aiming to get closer to the sound of foreign countries, but it still couldn’t escape the category of “Japanese sound.” Some suggest that the cause is the dry air or differences in power supply, but from the perspective of recording engineers, the change in sound due to seasons is not significant, leading me to believe that power supply or seasons are not the main factors. I personally concluded that there are differences in sound due to regional differences.

However, experiencing the effects of AdPower this time, I felt that the sound became closer to the “overseas sound” of places like LA, NY, or London, becoming clearer and more vivid. During the development of this product, I conducted various experiments and was surprised to find that the impact of static electricity on sound is beyond imagination, and it is effective on all types of acoustic equipment and instruments.


How to attach to speaker


With bass reflex port

The maximum effect is achieved by attaching it to areas where there is air flow is, so the bass reflex port is the first recommended position for speakers. By attaching AdPower Sonic to the port, the air flow in the port is improved and the force restricting the movement of the unit (air resistance) is weakened, resulting in a high-resolution sound change. Some speakers may have more than one port but apply the AdPower Sonic evenly to all of them.


Without bass reflex port

For sealed speakers without a bass reflex port, affix to the surface where the speaker unit is installed which is the baffle surface. The recommended position depends on the speaker unit configuration and placement, so decide after temporarily attaching in various positions and check to the sound. In some cases, further effects may be expected by attaching to the baffle surface after already attaching to the bass reflex port.

Size S
for car audio

Enjoy a higher grade of sound quality in your car!

By installing the AdPower Sonic S in your car audio system, you can enjoy a clearer, more localized sound in your car.

We have received comments from people who have actually installed the AdPower Sonic S in their car audio system and commented: ‘The clarity of the sound has improved. ‘, ‘It is easier to hear the sound of connected Youtube.’ ‘It is easier to hear vocal voices.’

*There are differences in the way the sound is heard depending on the individual and the model.

I use the factory car audio system. Recently, I often listen to YouTube radio while driving, but since it is not a high spec radio, the clarity of the audio is often low and I have to turn up the volume to understand the content. By using Adpower, the clarity of the audio is improved and it is much easier to listen to the content.

Verification at AIST

‘AdPower Sonic’ was developed as a dedicated audio product based on the static electricity removal technology developed for the patented AdPower series for vehicles.

Sound source analysis at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has found that IACC tends to increase when AdPower Sonic is attached.

The sound localization is increased by applying the AdPower Sonic, and the sound reaching our ears is perceived as clearer.※

The experience may vary depending on the model used and the individual. The experience of sound change is not necessarily guaranteed.

Image is for reference only.

※The image is for reference only.


  What is IACC.

  Abbreviation for Inter Aural Correlation Coefficient, an indicator of sound spread (diffusivity).


Impulse response analysis and sound source analysis were conducted using speakers (Genelec 8020C, YAMAHA MS101III) in an anechoic room, soundproof room and living room. In an anechoic room, there was no difference whether AdPower Sonic was applied or not, but in soundproof rooms and living rooms, it was confirmed that IACC tended to increase when AdPower Sonic was applied. Five different sound sources were used, including jazz, classical and natural sounds, but there were no differences between these, and a trend towards increased IACC was confirmed in all of them.

Source: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

User feedback

Sound contours are clearer. Less changes by the listening area and less influence from the room. Better sound reaches the rear of the studio. Localization has also improved.
Recording engineer
Speakers used: Wastlake Audio BBSM-4
The bass noise is less tinny, and the treble bandwidth is clearer. The speaker is small, so the distance to the listening point is short, but even at that distance becoming longer the sound is balanced.
Recording engineer
Speakers used: Neumann KH-80
Better bass tightness and clearer vocal range.
Recording engineer
Speakers used: PreSonos Sceptre S6
My concerns about the length of bass-reflex port and the delay in low frequencies due to DSP sound adjustment, but by using this product I no longer feel its delay in low frequencies and the treble extension has improved accordingly. Also, the sound has become clearer in general.
Speakers used: iLoud Micro Monitor
I use high-resolution monitor speakers, but using this product its resolution has been further improved. To control low frequency range, I used a subwoofer before because my speaker is high-resolution. But now the balance has become good, so I don't need it.
Recording engineer
Speakers used: GENELEC 8341
The speed of the low and high frequencies of the sound is aligned. Less change when changing the listening position. The localization feeling as if you were listening with headphones was obtained.
Mastering engineer
Equipment used: Monitor speakers, Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers.
Noise is eliminated, the power is increased and more comfortable to play. Also, unnecessary resonance is reduced, and the sound has become clearer.
Equipment used: Drums
Basically, the impression is that wherever it is affixed, the overtones are organized, and the contours become clearer. When I tried it on my own cornet, I felt that the effect of the mass of the sound was significant, but when I tried it on the inside of the saxophone bell, the contour of the sound was clearly more pronounced than the effect of the mass, and I was impressed that the sound, which was buried in the ensemble, came out clearly.
Professional trumpet player
Instruments used: Cornet, Saxophone
The separation of each string improves and the rise of the strings changes quickly. The muddy parts are now clear and pleasant to play.
Instruments used: Guitar, Base

The way you hear it depends on the individual and the model.

Producer Akimitsu Honma, who has provided, arranged and produced music for many artists including Porno Graffitti and Ikimono-gakari, shares his impression on using AdPower Sonic.

Main equipment and instruments with proven effectiveness




Wind instrument


*Experience may vary depending on the model used and the individual. The experience of sound change is not necessarily guaranteed.

Monitor speaker Bass reflex port
Monitor speaker Baffle baffle surface
Built-in power amplifier type Power amplifier
Compact Bluetooth speaker enclosure
Power amplifier Front panel and top panel
Analogue equipment Front panel and top panel
Microphone Enclosure case
Power breaker panel Plastic enclosure
Breaker lever
Record player enclosure
Record disc surface (stabilizer)
Arm (needle) top surface
Equipment front panel, top panel
Outlet panel, outlet plug
Drum shell
Drum rim
Drum mute

Bass drum Impact pads
Guitar and bass amplifier Amplifier section
Guitar and bass amps Speaker cabinets
PA Speakers
PA amplifiers and peripheral equipment




Nov 2023

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管楽器、弦楽器、打楽器奏者(プロ・アマチュア・趣味・学生等問わず)の方で、楽器の音質改善に興味のある方は是非ご応募ください。 MORE>


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